Photoshop Brushes – Free (Lighting & Fur)

Yes quite the combination but that is today’s find for those use Photoshop brushes. Actually both are kinda cool and I can see a use for both in a number of cases. Each has a variety of their own.

The Fun brushes are here. There are 30 brushes here!




The lighting brushes are here. There are 10 brushes here.



As always I would enjoy links to to anything you create, share it here and show of your stuff for other to see.


Twitter Star for Friday, March 27, 2015 @TheCoffeeShop

Today’s Twitter Star is @TheCoffeeShop. @TheCoffeeShop tweets about, you guessed it, coffee. Not only that though, they also tweet about local coffeeshops around the world. They sometimes will feature a particular area of the country or type of coffee drink. Today’s coffee beverage has become a craft of sorts and baristas around the country hone their skills to not only make a tasty beverage but an artistic one.

They publish several coffee daily publications – The Grande Latte’ – Coffee Grounds Reports – The Cup o’ Joe Daily

Each has its own slant, but usually all mention some local coffeehouse for your pleasure.

A recent post showed a map of all the coffee chains around the country, an interesting look at the world of java.

A favorite Pinterest board of @theCofffeeShop is

Visit Coffee’s profile on Pinterest.

They frequently work with @aCoffeeGrinder and @TheLocalBar. All of these places serve up tasty beverages.

Today’s Twitter Star – @aBeerPint

New feature, well ok I’ve posted a few others, but this will be a new daily. An interesting Twitter name with a Pinterest board @aBeerPint.

Visit Beer’s profile on Pinterest.

Looks like a new name but some good food and spirits in the ole widget.

San Francisco – New Places to be Happy During Happy Hour

I came across this on a favorite little Twitter account I like to follow @aCableCar. Very clever account that posts on things going on in San Francisco. Seems to also work with @aSFOTaxiCab. The latter is quite interesting in that it works with a bunch of other related accounts. The latest board the @aCableCar added was Happy Hours in San Francisco. Nineteen spots that look very interesting, so I thought I’d share. Let me know what you think, be nice to get a review or three.

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Twitter Lists

twitter-logoA post I made to LinkedIN on the topic of Twitter Lists. It goes with the series of what you should do here at the start of 2015. The creation of lists in your account or accounts goes a long way to setting up other things such as newspapers as well as email campaigns and other mass marketing events. It also allows for showing that you might be willing to work on coop projects with other members of the Twitter community . The article is is here

Outlook for 2015

We have several projects kicking into gear starting tomorrow.

Our Twitter project is moving ahead much faster now. The setups are always a pain and setting the initial items just takes time. But many aspects are now set. If you are in the business of coffee, beer or music I want to hear from you so I can show you how this project will help grow your business.

I am also going to start doing more photography posts from a number of aspects. While it appears that everyone now as a ‘camera’ of some sort, the reality is that the image capture still needs to reflect your business. This also applies to portfolio development for models as well as the promotion of local businesses. So look for some craziness as I have a few very cool businesses.

Lastly, an emphasis to post on a regular basis to LinkedIN which game an area and away to post on business topics, ideas, step by steps and more to seize the day. The site went through a redesign and now has lots of links grouped into many areas. The biggest challenge is keeping up with those that still offer what they did when they were included and that they still work. Fortunately the latter is done for me, it can also be done for your site, but is not always full proof as I have found. No this auto stuff does not always work as well as we would like.

If I can answer any questions on Social Media which I think includes all areas web design, development, SEO, images, content and more send me a message here or at . Be happy to help.

Have a prosperous 2015!

Grilled Cheese is Popular

My Pinterest has over 50 boards. Most at the top has about 1100 followers. I don’t add as often as I would like. When I do its in spurts, and one or two boards at a time. The most popular board is The Grilled Cheese one. It became very popular from the get go. The 33 pins there are the most popular grilled cheese recipes. There are new re-pins daily with little effort it seems. I’m in the process of trying  a few things out. In the meantime, enjoy the board..

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