Grilled Cheese is Popular

My Pinterest has over 50 boards. Most at the top has about 1100 followers. I don’t add as often as I would like. When I do its in spurts, and one or two boards at a time. The most popular board is The Grilled Cheese one. It became very popular from the get go. The 33 pins there are the most popular grilled cheese recipes. There are new re-pins daily with little effort it seems. I’m in the process of trying  a few things out. In the meantime, enjoy the board..

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Landing Pages and Pinterest Working Together

DSC 0510 150x150 Landing Pages and Pinterest Working TogetherMy latest post on Landing Pages and Pinterest and how they relate. The article is here. They do relate and one can drive the other in this strategy.

Go to Fucking Sleep…LeVar Burton

DSC 1106 3 150x150 Go to Fucking Sleep...LeVar BurtonHilarious rendition by LeVar Burton reading a children’s tale to raise money for the Children’s Alliance TV Network. Go the F**k to Sleep, which became an international hit in 2011, was described by author Adam Mansbach as a “children’s book for adults.

Turning Down Tim Berners-Lee

A New Pinterest Find – @ABeerTap

This time its about beer, precisely the pouring of beer from a beer tap. Lots goes into a good pour. There are also looks like many, many, hundreds of types, shapes, sizes, colors and styles of taps.



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Another Pinterest Find – @TheMovieTheater

Another Twitter account with a really nice Pinterest Page:

Twitter: @TheMovieTheater

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New Pinterest Finds – @AmanHoleCover

Found this cool Pinterest account.

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