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Tracking Changes in Images

DSC_0552Many today take photos from all angles and perspectives. They then catalog, store or publish them for others to see. But many would also like to know if anything changes in those images as time passes. We may set up an automated system to take a particular view everyday, week or month. Perhaps even a shorter interval or longer. But what we want to know is is there is a change.

I’ve always tried to go to locations where things happened after weather events or new structures have gone up or are going up on Google maps. These may be as large as football stadiums going up to as small as a neighbor’s pool. In either case I am the one that has to determine if there is a change. Now there is a method for automizing that.

The folks at Hexagon GeoSpatial have done this. It came about largely from the need of changing home landscapes as property values are determined from additions. More information on the actual steps are in this article. I just like the fact that more is being automated.

Coding Sites On the Fly

IMG_8737_2Do you code some CSS and then go through the “save”, “update” , “refresh” and then hopefully see results you want? And if its not it somehow quickly fix the mess? Some of you may have some “test kitchens” and so you try it all out on there, but you also need the entire site. Sometimes its just a snippet to see what it does or how it behaves.

I came across just that, a few places on line that allow you to test on the fly, realtime and they are free. Somewhat like W3C when you need to see what a tag does but here its a little easier. Enjoy.

Now if you are are coding HTML you might like Firebug. Its a download and its for Firefox

And if you are in Chrome, there are a number of tools in Chrome DevTools that make things easier. An overview of the tools is at this site:

Chrome DevTools Overview

Photoshop Brushes – Free (Lighting & Fur)

Yes quite the combination but that is today’s find for those use Photoshop brushes. Actually both are kinda cool and I can see a use for both in a number of cases. Each has a variety of their own.

The Fun brushes are here. There are 30 brushes here!




The lighting brushes are here. There are 10 brushes here.



As always I would enjoy links to to anything you create, share it here and show of your stuff for other to see.


Twitter Star for Friday, March 27, 2015 @TheCoffeeShop

Today’s Twitter Star is @TheCoffeeShop. @TheCoffeeShop tweets about, you guessed it, coffee. Not only that though, they also tweet about local coffeeshops around the world. They sometimes will feature a particular area of the country or type of coffee drink. Today’s coffee beverage has become a craft of sorts and baristas around the country hone their skills to not only make a tasty beverage but an artistic one.

They publish several coffee daily publications – The Grande Latte’ – Coffee Grounds Reports – The Cup o’ Joe Daily

Each has its own slant, but usually all mention some local coffeehouse for your pleasure.

A recent post showed a map of all the coffee chains around the country, an interesting look at the world of java.

A favorite Pinterest board of @theCofffeeShop is

Visit Coffee’s profile on Pinterest.

They frequently work with @aCoffeeGrinder and @TheLocalBar. All of these places serve up tasty beverages.

Today’s Twitter Star – @aBeerPint

New feature, well ok I’ve posted a few others, but this will be a new daily. An interesting Twitter name with a Pinterest board @aBeerPint.

Visit Beer’s profile on Pinterest.

Looks like a new name but some good food and spirits in the ole widget.

San Francisco – New Places to be Happy During Happy Hour

I came across this on a favorite little Twitter account I like to follow @aCableCar. Very clever account that posts on things going on in San Francisco. Seems to also work with @aSFOTaxiCab. The latter is quite interesting in that it works with a bunch of other related accounts. The latest board the @aCableCar added was Happy Hours in San Francisco. Nineteen spots that look very interesting, so I thought I’d share. Let me know what you think, be nice to get a review or three.

Follow A Cable’s board Happy Hours in SF on Pinterest.